School Campus

Welcome to
Shri Natthu Singh Global School

Awards & Prizes :
To inclucate a healthy spirit of competition individual and collective prizes are, given to students for achieving distinction in academics, games, sports and other co-curriculam activities.

Scholarship :
- Two students from each class will get assistance from the trust on the basis of their performance and financial condition of their parents & guardians. The - criterion and extent of assistance will be finalised by a high level committee presided by the chairman. 25% for poor students till class Ist.

Morning Assembly :
Morning Assembly Start with PT & Players. Daily News is read by students in the turn.

Remedial Classes :
Remedial Classes/Tutorials for week student in all subjects are regularly arranged during the games period.

Security :
To ensure the security of pupil, identity cards are issued to Parents/Guardians. The security guards permit only the card-holders to enter the campus to meet their ward. Visitors may go around the campus with the permission of the Principal/Director only. The school retains five retired army armed guard for the safety of the students.

Our Aim

The aim of the school is to inculcate the concept of effectiveethicaldiscipline in the students for an all-round development.To develop basic mental abilities and skills. To help inphysical growth and proficiency in games. To help learn how toestablish good human relationship, imbibe virtues of moralcourage and social discipline.